The Shoonyam Quotient By Dr Mickey Mehta

Published by: Penguin Random House

Pages: 218

Price: Rs 299

In this fast-paced life and the never-ending rat race, can we find happiness? Are we just going through the motions of living rather than truly experiencing life? Do we know how to cope with the polarities of the universe? How do we attain the ultimate truth in our complicated lives?

Most people go through the motions of life day-after-day following the same routine day in and day out. And each passing day we just incorporate yet another routine into our lives and the wheels keep churning on. But to what end? Dr Mickey Mehta’s book ‘The Shoonyam Quotient’ attempts to help us break these self-imposed shackles and live our lives to the fullest by learning how to optimize our potential and understanding how not to be a Paranoid Humanoid.

Dr Mickey Mehta is a renowned holistic health guru and his personal life experiences and learnings have culminated into ‘The Shoonyam Quotient’. The challenges and situations the author has faced in his life reflect in the questions he raises through the book. His quest for answers has given him the vision to see how people struggle (emotionally and mentally) with their existence and with this book, he addresses not just these struggles but how to make their lives healthier, happier and fulfilling. And to achieve this one must understand the polarities in life.

In the chapter titled ‘The Shoonyam Quotient’, Dr Mehta writes: “You’re HERE-NOW is the ONLY potential field for manifestation. If you are not total in that here-now, you have missed out. And how can you not be total?” He stresses the importance here of being in the present at all times. He writes: “When you are in Shoonyam, your life is neither an extension of the past nor a projection of the future.” For instance, if you are working out because of a heart problem, you shouldn’t be focused on that but rather just on the exercise you are doing at the time. He reiterates that by becoming aware and being in the present, it will lead to ultimate transformation.

Similarly, in ‘God, Spirituality and Religion’, Dr Mehta writes: “The essence of each religion is the realization of the Divine, realization that the Divine loves you infinitely and to have gratitude for all that has been received.” Being grateful and thankful for everything that a person has been blessed with is important to shed one’s ego and achieve the ultimate state of bliss. But how grateful are we for the things and people in our life? Do we thank God enough? Or do we just keeping asking God for more?

India is one country where superstitions abound (from palmistry and astrology to Vaastu and gemstones) and the author dedicates a chapter to discuss this as well. “A complete person, a whole person, will not be affected by Vaastu and feng shui, palmistry and planetary movements, charms and spirits.” Dr Mehta elaborates on how and why you should break away from these entrapments so you can lead a more enriching life.

The book is divided into various sections that helps the reader understand where he/she is at in the present and how to move forward to attain the ultimate state in life – bliss. Dr Mehta guides you through these steps and stresses on the importance of aspects like sleep, nutrition, breathing and more. The book is easy-to-read and has plenty of philosophy intertwined to give us a deeper understanding of aspects of life that we would easily perceive as mundane. Dr Mehta’s guide is simple and can be followed by anyone who wants to change their life. If you are into some soul-searching and want to lead a more enriching life, then it’s definitely time to get Mickeymized with ‘The Shoonyam Quotient’.