On this auspicious occasion of Father’s Day today, everybody is remembering and talking about the Superman in their lives. Father’s play an equally important role as mothers in a child’s life. We all have fathers, be it biological or step, they are all who make our lives easier and show us the way to tackle problems if we ever have to come across in life as we grow.

And as all the children in the world are celebrating Father’s Day, wishing their father, international footballer Sunil Chhetri is one among them to write a heartfelt message to his father. The footballer took to his social media account to post a message thanking his father for what he is today.

Sunil Chhetri said, “Today I fight every day of my life, wherever I go wherever I am, I follow his simple mantra, It is my dad’s unstoppable attitude towards my life that motivates me to keep chasing my dreams each day with great hunger.” 

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The footballer said that whatever little success he has in his life would not have been possible without his father. He said that his father has motivated him and pushed him to ensured that he always aspired to be the best version of himself.  

Father’s Day is celebrated on the third Sunday in June every year. It started during the year 1908 when the first known Father’s Day service was conducted at a church in West Virginia. In addition to that, Grace Golden Clayton also suggested if the Sunday service could be conducted in the honour of over 200 fathers who died at a mining explosion in Monongah. However, it became an annual international event in the year 1909 and later the Father’s Day celebration trend was picked up by every country.

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