Nijo Jonson, a contemporary internet sensation is on an endeavour to fix relationships through his films and it has been quite a journey. Let us begin from the start, Nijo was a former corporate employee who gave up his job in a UK based travel agency to pursue his dreams of filmmaking. After quitting his job and struggling for 5 years, Nijo Jonson set up a filmmaking company which he currently co-owns. Along with this, he successfully lives the life of a family man with his beautiful wife Gurpreet Kaur and a 4year old son Yuvanu.

Nijo’s love story is nothing less than a movie, the only difference is that it really happened. Nijo met Gurpreet, as colleagues. Very soon he became close friends with her. With the passing years, both Nijo and Gurpreet grew closer and eventually became a couple. In my interview with Nijo Jonson, he said that his romantic relationship with Gurpreet is an extension of their friendship which is filled with love and respect. However, things started going sideways when both of them informed their families about the relationship. ‘Nijo Jonson’ as the name suggests, was born to a Christian family whereas ‘Gurpreet Kaur’ was born into a Sikh family. The fundamental issue that came up was that they both belonged to different religious and cultural groups. Both families did not take it well, especially Gurpreet’s parents as she was forced to quit her job and return to Punjab. Meanwhile, Nijo too had to leave his well paying job because he discovered the filmmaker in him and wanted to give this dream of his, a shot. One whole year passed by and neither of them spoke or met each other. To everyone it seemed like their love story was over just like it does in a typical sad Bollywood movie.

But it wasn’t. Rather, their love story was far from being over. After the first year of separation, Gurpreet managed to get hold of a mobile phone which she used in secret to speak with Nijo and soon they started talking again. While they couldn’t see each other, they could at least feel closer to each other again. However their secret conversations did not go on for long. 2 years later Gurpreet’s parents found out, took away Gurpreet’s phone and their love story came to a halt again. Yet, they decided not to elope. They had chosen each other, and wanted to be with each other forever. But they did not want to impose their choice on their parents. Nijo and Gurpreet did not want to have any negative feelings for their parents because they knew parents too love their children and wanted the best for them. They wanted to give their parents time to accept their choice. While they waited, they always stayed together, in thought and spirit.

It was 11th January, 2012, Gurpreet’s mother finally called, for the first time. It was good news, Gurpreet’s parents finally agreed to their marriage. It’s been 6 years now since Nijo and Gurpreet have been happily married. They live each day together making the most of it. By now they know “happily ever after” does not exist – Everyday you wake up and choose to love, or be angry with their partner. Some days it gets difficult, but on the other days, you are the luckiest person on earth. This has been Nijo Jonson’s motivation behind building his own platform which he calls Nijo+ to share his thoughts through films. It is a space where people come together to share their experiences, learn from each other and fix their relationships.