Ganesh Chaturthi 2019: With just one day left for Ganesh Chaturthi, Hindus all over the world are all set to celebrate the birth of elephant-headed Lord Ganesha, also known as the God of wisdom, according to Hindu mythology. One of the most popular festivals in Maharashtra will begin on September 2, 2019.

Every year, people gear up for this festival and through different ways they lighten and brighten homes, streets, and pandals to welcome Lord Ganesha. Every year, people prepare for the festival by bring Ganpati idols and offering prayers in the morning with flowers, jaggery, coconut flakes, and rice flour. The celebrations are held for one and a half days, three, five, seven or eleven days depending on the family traditions. On the last day, devotees immerse the idol in a body of water.

As the festival is just around the corner, here are some innovative ideas to make your house ready for Ganeshotsav. 

A flower house

Decorate your house and welcome Lord Ganesha with his Marigold flowers. Use flower garlands to decorate the walls and bells in the pandal. You can also choose different fresh and pure flowers and can arrange them in the form of bouquets or on the top of the mandap. Orchid flowers are the best choice for decorating Ganeshji’s throne.


Rangolis are the best ways to show some creativity on the floor. With all sorts of colored powders available in the market, you can choose what design you like and make your place look beautiful and special. You can make rangoli at the entrance of your house and even inside near the puja area. 

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Go eco-friendly 

This year go eco-friendly and make this festival pollution-free by using mud-based idols. For decoration, you can place the idol in a plant pot and then later at the end of the festival you can pour out a tub of water on the idol as an eco-friendly to symbolize the immersion.

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