This is a ten-year backstory, when Nilanshi Patel from Gujarat decided not to cut her hair again, after a bad haircut. Today, the 16-year-old has entitled a Guinness World Record for being a teenager with the longest hair in the world. Now the real-life Rapunzel’s decision has paid off and her hair has grown till the length of 5 foot 7 inches.

The girl further quoted that she washes her hair once a week and her sweet mother helps to manage her hair well with proper braids. She also clarified that she does not get disturbed from her long hair and has also done a lot of sports with her hair. Moreover, she also excels in styling her hair well with a braid or a stylish top bun. In a video uploaded by Guinness World record, Nilanshi said that she is an avid player of table tennis and her long hair never came into her way to achieve something. She also considers her long hair as her lucky charm which has awarded her some big achievements in life.

Before Nilanshi, 17-year-old Abril Lorenzzati from Argentina made a record but it was for a short interval. The longest record on women’s hair is till now owned by Xie Quiping from China whose hair is 18 ft 5.54 long.

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