Happy Birthday, Jagdish Chandra Bose: Jagdish Chandra Bose, also spelt as Jagadish, Jagadis Chandra Bose, was one of the most profound Indian plant physicists and physiologists, he was also an early writer of science fiction from British India. Born on 30 November 1858, Bose spearheaded the investigation of radio and microwave optics and made important contributions to plant science. He is credited with proving that plants and animals share many things in common after he created crescograph, a term to detect minute responses of living organisms.

He attended the Univerity of Cambridge, where he studied natural sciences after his graduation in physics from Calcutta University. He came back to India in 1884 after completing BSc degree from Cambridge and was appointed as the Professor of Physical Science at Presidency College in Kolkata. After serving in the academics for a long time, he decided to give all his time to study plants, it was in 1917 when he quit his profession as an academician and choose to study plants voraciously.

The Bank of England had recently announced various nominations for the new note, who excessively contributed in several fields of science including chemistry, engineering, mathematics, medical research, astronomy, physics, technology or zoology. Among them was Chandra Bose.

Besides Bose, one of the world’s most prominent physicist Stephen Hawking was also nominated, media reports said. The Bank of England later revealed that it received a total of 174,112 nominations after it confirmed the introduction of a new note that would feature a scientist, who made a notable contribution to British science.

It is a proud moment for India as Bose was among the top nominations. The great scholar was also the author of many books, such as Response in the Living and Non-Living (1902) and The Nervous Mechanism of Plants (1926).

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