Happy Father’s Day: If you have found yourself in a fix by forgetting to buy your father a gift, don’t worry, because here are 10 affordable gifts that you can get your hands on easily which would surely leave your old man with a satisfactory smile.  

  • Shaving Kits- Maintaining a beard is always a tedious task. At times like this, any help a man can get seems like a godsend. Surprising your father with a selective assortment of shaving accessories like spare razor blades, shaving cream, face scrub, beard softeners, and aftershave cream would go a long way.
  • Books- For dads who are avid readers, nothing can substitute a good book. Choosing something that would interest him could be a little tricky but a popular bestseller could be a good bet.
  • Toiletry kits- For those long and taxing business trips or even a much-needed vacation to the beach, toiletry packs are a must. Throwing together a toothbrush, toothpaste, and a few good soaps is both easy and an essential for travel.
  • Framed photos- With almost all of today’s photos being digital, a properly framed photograph of your family or any loved one will surely mean a lot. A keepsake such as that would constantly serve as a remembrance of the most important thing in life, family. 
  • Tool kits- A proper tool kit will appeal to the handyman in your father. This gift is as convenient as they come with those little things that always require fixing around the house.
  • Gift Voucher- A gift voucher is potentially the easiest gift anyone can get their hands on. For those who are clueless about their father’s interests, a voucher allows your father to pick and choose whatever he pleases.
  • Personalized phone case- There are various establishments that can customize and create phone cases suited to the needs of the customer. Simplicity is key when it comes to these types of gifts and going over the top may lead to disaster.
  • Watch cases- It is hard to imagine any dad who doesn’t own a watch. Naturally, a proper sleek case as a gift makes sense. A classy looking case with perhaps your father’s name engraved on it would make a good gift.
  • Tech kits- For all those tech-savvy fathers out there, putting together a few tech essentials would mean a lot. Including small accessories like earphones, power banks and chargers would make a great gift.
  • Handkerchiefs- Handkerchiefs are an old-timey gift that is a surefire way to please your old man. Rather than a plain old piece of cloth, getting your father’s initials embroidered on it would take the gift to new heights.

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