The celebration of Ganesh Chaturthi is done with great zeal and enthusiasm in some states of our country such as Maharashtra, Karnataka, Goa, Telangana, Gujarat and Chhattisgarh. In the duration 10 days, Ganesha idols are installed in homes and are worshipped with devotion. On the day of Visarjan, the Ganesha idols are immersed in a nearby waterbody in a public procession followed by loud music and dance.

There are many rules and regulations that the devotees follow during the Pujan. One of them stated by our elders is that we should not look at the moon on this auspicious day. This is strictly followed by many families in India but only a few of them know the reason. There is a very interesting story about it.

The story is about a fight between Lord Ganesha and the God of Moon, Chandra. Chandra or Chandrama was very handsome and he was very proud of his good looks. Once, out of his proud and arrogant attitude, he made fun of Lord Ganesha by giving sarcastic comments. Chandra made fun of Lord Ganesha’s appearance saying that he has a big belly and elephant head. All these hurtful remarks by Chandra made Lord Ganesha furious and he ended up cursing to make him realise his mistake.

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Lord Ganesha cursed him and said that no one will ever worship the moon and if anybody ends up looking at the moon, he/she will face false allegations and will get accused without any mistake.

When Chandra heard all this, he got very upset and shattered. All his pride and arrogance got smashed. Chandra started apologising for his mistake and pleasing Lord Ganesha. Kind as ever, Lord Ganesha forgave him and decided to relieve him from the curse but he added a clause to it.

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Lord Ganesha said that people can look at the moon on any day to worship but except Bhadrapada Chaturthi which later got named as Vinayaka Chaturthi or Ganesh Chaturthi. He said that anybody who looks at the moon on the day of Ganesh Chaturthi will face the curse of false allegations.

If anyone looks at the moon on this day can worship Lord Ganesha and follow the holy rituals or recite Ganesha mantras to get relieved from the curse.

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