We celebrated the rose day and now we are celebrating the Kiss day which is celebrated on 13 February every year. Kissing can have many hidden meanings. The meaning of the kiss depends upon the gesture and part of the body that is kissed. Kissing is an intimate way of expressing one’s feeling and desire for the partner. All the kissing styles come with different meanings to it.

We can’t doubt the fact that kissing gives out strong vibes which only comes for the person to whom we love and admire. A kiss can have so many meanings. It just depends that whom you are kissing and what you feel for that person. We kiss someone when we are in love with them. The word love can be described in different ways. We kiss our friends, family members, beloved because we love to express them that we care for them. Kissing on lip may be done with the partner but kissing on forehead, hands etc can be done with our friends and family.

On this special day, don’t hesitate to kiss the person you admire. Kiss your partner and your friends depending upon the feelings and connectivity you share with them. Here are some kissing styles with their hidden meanings which you can follow to express your love in different ways.

The cheek kiss: We kiss someone on cheek when we want to become his/her friend. Kiss on Cheek is very common. Everyone is seen kissing on check to show a polite gesture of love and affection.

The hand kiss: If you adore somebody then do not hesitate to kiss them on their hand to make them feel special and cute.

The Liplock kiss: We know that our lips are the most sensitive part of our body; this is why we kiss on lips when we are in love with our partner as kissing on lips is an intimate gesture of expressing love.

The Neck kiss: Kissing on neck is something beyond having a normal kiss. The neck kiss is done when you want a person to be with you.

The Forehead kiss: Kissing on the forehead is a gentle way of showing love and care. This can also be the first step to begin your love.

The Eskimo kiss: Well many questions come in mind while kissing for the first time. Will my nose comes in the middle while kissing? Don’t worry even if the nose comes in middle try rubbing your nose with your partner’s nose so that you can have the Eskimo kiss by kissing each other nose.

The French kiss: Many dreams of having a perfect French kiss but few can do it. The kiss is a mystery in which you need to play with your tongue and lips. It is the outcomes of passion for your partner. So go with the flow.

The Single lip kiss: Playing with the tender lips, this is all. That happens in one lip kiss. This gesture is to show your partner that you are deep into them.

The Ear kiss: Kissing or bitting the ears is a part of the kinky gesture that you show to your partner when you want them to love you.

The long kiss: The kisses which is done for a long period of time is known to be as long kiss or lingering kiss. This is a very passionate way of kissing when continues for a long fraction of time.

The Lipstick mark kiss: The concept of the kiss is very much clear with the name. This is playful gesture when the partner kisses and leaves a lipstick mark on the male partner body’s part.

The lizard kiss: This kiss is a bit similar to the French kiss. Here the partner shows its passionate love by stroking their tongues into each other.

The Air kiss: We have heard about love in the air but there is also a kiss that is done in the air without touching the parts of the face. It is a non-romantic form of kissing which is usually done to show friendship.

The Angel kiss: The angel kiss is a very sweet and decent way of showing care. The kiss is usually done on the eyelids of a person or kid.

The hickey: Hickey is also a form of kiss which is done so passionately that it leaves bruises or we can say love mark or love bite on the partner body. Some people feel proud to show their hickey whereas some hide them to showcase their intimacy publically.

The Jaw kiss: Try doing Jaw kiss to your partner showing them your sensual gesture closeness. It is a very gentle and sweet way of kissing.

The Vampire kiss: The kiss is done in the flow where the partner bites the lips or the body part leaving it red and its teeth mark on the skin. This kiss is an intimate and very passionate type of kiss.

The Tease kiss: This type of kiss is done to seduce the partner for the big night. It’s a very erotic way of foreplay.

Seductive kiss: Gently kissing on the lips and playing with the skin seducing the partner is all about giving a seductive kiss.

The secret kiss: The couple do French kiss sending the messages secretly which they can only understand and this is a very erotic type of kiss.


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