Happy Labour Day 2019 gif images: International Labour Day is celebrated on May 1 around the world. The International Labour day is also called as Workers Day or May Day. The main motive to celebrate the day is to honour the contribution and hard work of the labours or working class people across the world. On the occasion of Labour Day, most of the bank and offices remain closed.

Every year, the labour or working class has to face injustice, but they always stood against exploitation and do their work fairly. May Day is celebrated to pay tribute to the labourers for their hard work. No one can deny that the dedication and hard work of the labours and the ing class has made the country always proud. This year the theme of the Labour Day 2019 is ‘Uniting Workers for Social and Economic Advancement’.

Labour Day in India

There is a different story about the celebration of Labour Day in different countries but the main reason is to honour the stand made against injustice with; labours and working class people. The labour day was first celebrated in India on May 1, 1923, in Chennai. The day was organised by the Labour Kisan party of Hindustan to pay tribute and honour to the working class labour for their sacrifice and hard work. In a country like Australia, the labour day is also known as 2 hour working day.

History of Labour day

In 19 century, when the industrialisation was rising, the industrialist in the USA had done unfair treatment with the labour class and forced them to work for 15 hours a day. Then on May 1, 1886, labours united in the street of Chicago to protest against the injustice and raise their voice. The 400000 workers or labourers were protesting peacefully to demand an eight hour work day shift. But the police instigated them to break their silence and fired at the worker. Many people lost their lives on May 1. After the incident, the protest held in a different part of the country. For the demonstration and protest occurred globally and may 1 become famous and now mark as an International Labour day or workers day.

The labour day is promoted by the international Labour Day movement in order to protect the interest of the workers and promote the hardworking of the labour. People can send message and quotes to the friend and office colleagues and give them the best wishes for the day

If you are looking out for some quotes and GIF images and wallpaper to wish International labour day you can see mentioned below:

Happy International Workers Day! Keep on passing and sharing the best wishes and messages of Labour Day


“Labour was the first price, the original purchase-money that was paid for all things.

Happy International Workers Day! Keep on passing and sharing the best wishes and messages of Labour Day.

“Labour Day is the time to enjoy the fruits of your hard work and Labour. It is the time to relax and enjoy a comfortable day after working hard to finish your duties


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