Lohri is a popular Punjabi festival, which is celebrated with great enthusiasm and joy in north India. This is the first festival for the calendar year, which marks the end of winter season. It’s a traditional welcome of longer days and sun’s journey to the northern hemisphere. Traditional sweets, bonfire, peanuts and bhangra are the main highlights of this day. Lohri involves a Puja Parikrama around the bonfire and distribution of Prasad. This symbolizes a prayer to Agni, the spark of life, for abundant crops and prosperity. The first Lohri of a newborn child and a newlywed couple is considered very auspicious in Punjabi and Hindu families.

In Punjab, the Lohri festival is related to the wheat and sugarcane productions in the region. January is considered as the best time to harvest the sugarcane crops. Several Punjabi farmers also take Lohri as the beginning of the new financial year. Lohri is of great significance for the farmers as it marks the harvesting season and the passing of winter solstice. Talking about Punjabi festival then how can you forget enjoying mouth-watering dishes, exchanging sweets, dressing up in traditional style and Sundar mundariye … (Folk song). Just like all Punjabi festivals bhangra the key for enjoyment. So for all those who are looking forward to make their Lohri 2018 special, here we bring you some of the best chartbusters and Lohri special songs to make your bonfire surrounding full of dance, fun and momentary times.

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