Its Lohri today, which means it’s time for some bonfire, popcorns, revdis and gazaks. Lohri is the day that is celebrated as the most fun and enjoyable Punjabi folk festival. The Punjabi folk festival, Lohri, which is also called as the harvest festival is celebrated on January 13. It is also believed that the festival commemorates the passing of the winter solstice. According to Indian calendar, Lohri falls in the month of Pausha and as per Gregorian calendar is celebrated on January 13.

Lohri is known as the harvest festival, also marks the end of a long night of winter and beginning of longer days of summer as the Sun begins its journey to the Northern Hemisphere. On Lohri, women do ‘gidda’ while men perform ‘bhangra’. During Lohri, men and women both do rounds of the bonfire while singing folk songs like — Sunder mundriye ho! On Lohri, family, and friends get together and share joyful greetings. One of the most fun festival Lohri, is also very important to newly born babies as its marks of richness and fertility. Now, since it is festival time, it feels great to be invited to Lohri celebrations. Dancing around the bonfire on Punjabi numbers, enjoying revdis and gazaks is what actually sums up the whole festival of Lohri.

But, the festival also sometimes becomes a nightmare, when you don’t know what to gift your loved ones on Lohri.  A Lohri gift which will not just impress the recipients but will also effectively convey your best wishes. Don’t worry guys we got it covered; here are some of the Lohri gift suggestions that will surely help you in resolving the dilemma. Check out these superb Lohri Gift Ideas:

Lohri sweets: Sweets, Mithais or chocolate are an all time favourite gift for any festival! Buy a festival special sweet box that is well decorated and keep the choice of the recipient in mind while selecting the mithais. For lasting effects make a gift basket wholesome Lohri Sweet Hamper.

Rewri Gajjak: Revdis and Gajjak are traditionally associated with the festival and hence they make a wonderful Lohri Gift idea. You may browse through the Lohri special packs of revdis and gajjaks along with their hampers in good Indian shopping site for better options.

Dry-Fruit: As Lohri festival falls in the winter season, dry fruits are a wonderful gift idea. These day dry fruits come in attractive packing them a preferred gift idea.

Pooja Thali: Puja Thalis are fashionable gifts for traditional festivals. One can find a huge range of puja thalis along with relevant accessories in the market. Puja Thalis in brass and silver are quite popular these days.

Fresh Flowers/Artificial Flowers: As winter is endowed with a great variety of fresh flowers you may go in for a fragrant bouquet of fresh flowers. Artificial flowers are also a good idea as their beauty can be admired for a long time.

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