Lohri is a Punjabi folk festival, celebrated primarily by Sikhs and Hindus from the Punjab region of the Indian subcontinent. Lohri is celebrated to mark the end of winter season and welcome the summer as it is supposed to bring good harvest and good fortunes. Lohri is also considered auspicious for the newly-wed couple and new-born child. It is primarily celebrated by Sikhs but several sections of Hindus and Muslims celebrate it as well. The folk festival is observed a night before Makar Sankranti and hence, Lohri 2018 will be celebrated on January 13.

It is generally celebrated by lighting a fire, the spark of life, for abundant crops and prosperity; and organising several programmes like songs and dances. A feast is also prepared for all the people who come together and sweets are distributed to friends, relatives and neighbours post celebrations. Besides a lot of celebrations, dancing and singing, it is the time for enjoying mouth-watering dishes made at home. People enjoy these dishes with their family and friends on the auspicious festival. Here are five dishes which are relished by people across north India:

Pindi Chole– Pindi Chole is a very popular main course dish from the Punjabi cuisine made with kabuli chana cooked in varied Indian spices and garnish with lemon wedges and green chillies. The chick peas or chole are nicely coated with spices and this is almost a dry dish that can be eaten with poori or roti. 

Sarson ka Saag aur Makki ki Roti- This is a dish from the Punjab regions of India made from mustard greens (sarson) and spices. The dish is regarded as the traditional way to prepare saag and is usually served with makki di roti (unleavened corn bread) it can be topped with either butter. Mustard is a winter and spring delicacy, and its relative abundance in Punjab and Kashmir has made it one of the most popular dishes in those regions.

Gur ki Roti- These are small and slightly thick flatbreads made with jaggery and whole wheat flour. gud ki roti is made in punjabi homes. Jaggery attains great importance in Punjabi cooking, especially when it comes to festivities and celebrations. Take a bite of sweetened Indian bread infused with gur.

Chiraunji Makhane ki Kheer- The Chironji and Makhane Ki Kheer Recipe is a delicious kheer that is rich and yet delicious, packed with flavors from the saffron and nutmeg. Chiraunji kheer topped with caramelized bananas, almonds, fried makhana and chikki.

Gur ka Halwa- Gur Ka Halwa is a tasty traditional sweet dish made from jaggery and semolina.

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