Lohri is one of the auspicious festival Hindu festival is being celebrated on Saturday (January 13) across the nation but in Punjabi and especially in Sikh community its one of the most awaited festival when people light bonfire, dance in circles on bhangra beats, eat holy food called prasad in regional language and consider the occasion as auspicious and positive. The real fun of celebrating Lohri happens when people dress up in Punjabi folk costumes and dance on punjabi songs, Bollywood songs, bhangra songs and spend time with family, friends and loved to enjoy the bonfire in the evening time.

Talking about Punjabi folk dresses, with the ever-changing fashion trends in accordance with time, in the present era people wear all kinds of dresses be it Indian, western or tradition but if you aspire to celebrate the occasion of Lohri in its pure and original form, then one must plan properly about how they gonna make themselves ready for the Lohri night, a time full of dance, masti, lots of delicious food and yes the most important tradition of the festival, the bonfire.

People dress up from simple salvar kurta to folk cultural dresses. Talking about women, then anything from Patiala Salvar-Kameez to ethnic jewellery women dress up their best on this occasion of love, dance and celebrations. For those planning to get a pure traditional attire, then they can opt for salvar suit with gota on dupatta or chunri and traditional juttis. While talking about traditional dresses for men, then they can opt for simple Kurta Pyjama, or chudidar with traditional juttis. For those wanting to add more traditional finish to their Lohri attire and immerse in the celebration of one of the upbeat festival, then they can wear pagri and dance on the tunes of lohri songs to create the magic of bonfire festival. 

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