Lohri marks the beginning of the festival period in the Hindu religion in the first month of New Year. Lohri is a Punjabi festival and is celebrated in an upbeat way among Punjabis and Sikh community. One of the main significance of this festival to celebrate is that it marks the beginning of the departure of the winter season. The celebration includes lighting a bonfire and offering prasad (holy food) in the evening or night time. People along with family members get together and celebrate the occasion by playing folk songs, lighting bonfire and dancing. 

Lohri festival is also important for newly wedded couples and is celebrated in a grand way in those families. People celebrate the festival of Lohri by organising Lohri parties where they invite close friends, family members and community people. Lighting of the bonfire is the most important ritual of the festival. People in families, community centres, or small, big public places get together with their family members, friends and loved ones and celebrate the occasion by dancing on Punjabi or folk songs, preparing delicious food and lighting the bonfire. Lohri is an official gazetted holiday in Punjab where the festival is celebrated by Sikhs, Hindus, Muslims and Christians. It is, however, observed by Sikhs and some Punjabi Muslims and Christians in Pakistan as well.

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