Navratri has started from today and people across the country are completely devoted in the prayers of goddess Durga. Wearing new clothes with a peaceful mind and healthy thoughts devotees are worshipping Maa Durga. This 9-day festival is followed by Vijayadashami which falls on October 8 this year.

While to make the goddess happy so that she blesses them with infinite success and healthy life, people of Hindu religion observe fast during these 9 days. Therefore, we have brought you the 10 fasting tips for these 9 days.

  1. Instead of eating a heavy meal at a time, it’s better to eat in small proportions frequently so as to avoid starvation. This helps in balancing the right amount of blood glucose level and makes sure that your body has enough energy.
  2. You must keep your hydrated if you’re not a nirjal vrat which means fast even without water. You should keep drinking enough amount of water so that it keeps your body away from the dehydration. Subsequent to that, you may also go for coconut water, green tea and lemon water.
  3. As you don’t eat proper food during the fast, your body doesn’t get the right amount of protein. You may go for Amaranth, which is considered as a good source of protein. It’s made with milk that can boost the energy level in your body.
  4. Combining foods which contain high carbohydrate such as sabudana and potatoes with healthy vegetable such as cabbage, capsicum, etc. will be better during the fast.
  5. You must ensure that whichever vegetable you eat should be grilled, little boiled or roasted instead of deep-frying it in oil.
  6. To keep yourself away from starving, you can have chapattis made of Kuttu atta. Samak rice can also be your choice during the fast to make your digestive system work properly and to keep you away from the problem of acidity.
  7. During the festival where everyone is eating sweets, why can’t you? Even if you’re fasting, you can have apple¬†kheer, fruits, raita, Samak rice kheer. Other than this you may also include Almonds, raisins and walnuts.
  8. You must take care that you don’t use refined sugar and use the substitute as jaggery and honey.
  9. If you’re having your second meal heavy then you must try to keep your third or fourth meal light i.e. dinner.
  10. If you’re fasting then you must ensure that you use sendha namak as the only salt for 9 days. It keeps your blood pressure stable and also helps you absorb minerals in a better way.

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