Happy Navratri 2018 Wishes Images, Quotes, Status, Wallpaper, SMS, Messages, Navaratri in Bengali: This year Navaratri will festival will start from 10th October and will end on 18th October. The 9-day-long festival has a special status in Indian culture with each day having a special significance. During this auspicious occasion, people greet, cook special food and offer prayers to deities.

There are some restrictions as well, during these 9 days, people avoid eating garlic, onion, meat and certain kind of spices.


It’s believed in Indian culture that Lord Shiva granted permission to his wife goddess Durga for seeing her mother for 9 days, during those nine days Ma Durga demolished demon Mahishasura, hence Ma Durga i.e Kali is represented as a symbol of shakti-strength and she’s widely celebrated in West Bengal. Throughout these nine nights, nine forms of the Goddess are worshipped with people offering special prayers and performing special ritual for each goddess.


Himer paras lage prane
Sharodiyar agomone
agamonir khabor peye
boner pakhi utlo geye
sishirveja notun bhore
ma asche aalo kore.
Happy durga puja!Sarot-er akas, Roder jhilik

Siuli fuler gondho.
Ma aseche ghore abar darja keno bondho.
Puja elo tai to abar bajna bajay dhaki,
pujo aste r je nei ekta din-o baki !!

“SHARAT” meghe vaslo Vyala-
“KASH” phule te laglo dola-
“DHAKER” upar poruk kathi-
“PUJO” Katuk fatafati.

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