Valentine week is approaching. Before celebrating the day of love with happiness, a series of days arrived before the day of love. From Teddy day, Chocolate day, Promise day to Rose day and Hug day, the couple express their love for each other in every best way possible. They spend some quality time together out of their busy schedule. Walking hand-in-hand, sending greetings or bouquets SMS wishes or simply sharing quotes on Facebook, the couple make sure their every Valentine week special. Out of all the days, the Promise Day is the first step which begins from a promise that can last forever. This day is being celebrated involves trust, compassion and a commitment.  This day is special not only for the couples but also for the family members and friends.  It also becomes significant for everyone because every promise which is being exchanged is filled with purity and innocence. One can forget the days but promises can never be forgotten. 

We have compiled a list of wishes, messages, quotes and greetings to share with their loved ones on this day.

  1. I promise to always remind you that I am with you and I will always be in love with you. Happy Promise Day!
  2. I promise to stay in touch with you and check on you from time to time as I know you stay busy at work. Happy Promise Day my best friend!
  3. I promise my priority will always be “WE” in our relationship. Happy Promise Day!
  4. I promise I will never let you go to bed hungry and angry. Happy Promise Day darling!
  5. I promise you that you’ll be mine always! Happy Promise Day sweetheart! 
  6. Speaking without egos, Loving without intentions, Caring without expectations, I promise you that you will be mine always. Happy Promise Day 


7. I can’t promise to solve your problems, but I can promise you won’t have to face them alone. Happy Promise Day

8. I promise to never ever abandon you at any point in life. Happy Promise Day!

9. I can’t fix all your problems but I promise you will not be alone while facing them. Love you! Happy Promise Day

10. It’s a Promise if any point of time, life is like a flame in the wind then I’ll cover you with my arms. So that all pain is mine and all light is yours.


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