The Valentine’s week is a week full of devotion, love and romance. It falls in February that’s why February is known as the month of romance. The Valentine’s week starts from 7th February every year and the first day is the Rose Day. Rose is one of the most essential tokens of love which clearly defines why it is needed at the beginning of every love story as well as at the beginning of Valentine’s week too.

There are different shades of roses and every colour expresses a different meaning:

Red Rose – A red rose symbolises passionate love. This colour is also tied to the Goddess of Love in the Greek and Roman mythology. Giving a red rose is one of the best ways to say I Love You to someone.

Pink Rose – The pink rose symbolises appreciation and grace. It also portrays happiness.

Yellow Rose- The yellow coloured rose is basically shared with friends. The rose is used generally to give a message that someone has levelled up the joy in your life.

These are the basic shades of roses which are used on the Rose Day. People who are at a distance from their loved ones can use animated Gifs, WhatsApp stickers and images to wish their loved ones on Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp.



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