In India, Teacher’s Day is celebrated on September 5 in honour of Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, who was born on September 5, 1888. Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan was India’s second President and since the day of his commemoration, we celebrate this day as Teacher’s day to pay a tribute to him. Dr Radhakrishnan was also the first Vice-President of India leading our country forward. As Teacher’s day is around the corner, the students have already started preparing gifts, cards and ideas to make their teachers happy. Right from teaching us the values of life to the chapters in a book, our teachers have invested in us a lot. For all their efforts, they deserve to be respected and showered with good wishes. A teacher plays so many roles in our lives. Sometimes they are friends, or a Philosopher and sometimes a constant guide for which we can never thank them enough for their endless contributions in our lives.

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  •  એબીસીથી લાલ, સફેદ અને વાદળી, ઇતિહાસ અને ગણિતથી પણ, હું જે કહેવા માગું છું તે બધુ આભાર છે! હેપી ટીચર ડે!
  • શિક્ષક હાથ લે છે, મન ખોલે છે અને હૃદયને સ્પર્શ કરે છે તમે મારા માટે જે કર્યું તે બધુ બદલ આભાર. હેપી ટીચર ડે!
  • શુભ શિક્ષકો દિવસ! હું આજે છું તે હું છું તે જ કારણ તમે છો. મારા માર્ગદર્શક અને મારા રોલ મોડેલ હોવા બદલ આભાર.
  • જિજ્ઞાસાના બીજ રોપવા બદલ અને મારી કલ્પનાને પ્રગટ કરવા બદલ આભાર. હું જ્યાં હોઉં ત્યાં તે ન હોત, જો તે તમારા માટે પ્રિય શિક્ષક ન હોત! હેપી ટીચર ડે!Also Read: Happy Teachers’ Day wishes and messages in Nepali: Whatsapp status, gif images, wallpapers, quotes, greetings, SMS and Facebook posts to wish
  • ગુડ શિક્ષકો અસાધારણ વસ્તુઓ કરવા માટે સામાન્ય વિદ્યાર્થીઓ પર જાઓ કારણ છે. મારા શિક્ષક બનવા બદલ આભાર! હેપી ટીચર ડે!

It is said that the once the students of Dr Radhakrishnan wanted to celebrate his birthday to make him feel special but he suggested instead of celebrating his birthday, it would be his “proud privilege” if the day was observed as Teacher’s Day instead and since then September 5 is uniformly and enthusiastically celebrated as teachers day in our country. So, on this Teachers’ Day, let us say a big thank you to all the teachers who have taught us, guided us and helped us become what we are. Our teachers not only teach us how to earn a living but also teaches us the right way to live the earned life. Happy Teachers’ Day!

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