Happy Valentine’s day 2020: An inexpensive Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be a lame one! This much-awaited day is around the corner, where all the couples are looking forward to making your boo feel special. From red roses, assorted chocolate, gifts to expensive dining.

However, we all know that it will definitely be going to burn your pockets, and when we are into the world where most people believe that money can buy happiness, so to prove them wrong, here are 10 swoon-worthy ways you can focus on without spending much, enough money to pay rent.

1) Prepare a meal- What can be more romantic when your baby boo prepares food for you, prepare a delicious meal and set up a candlelight dinner at your home.

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2) Go to the Beach– Sure, love is the greatest gift and when you are with your partner, the company matters the most, so, go for a long walk on a beach holding hands.


3) DIY gift: Decorate a mug, write a letter, or make a collage for him/her. It’s one of the best ways to express your feelings to each other. As we all know sometimes little things make us happy, so this DIY is one of them.


4) Balloons and love note: Buy some inexpensive balloons and decorate the whole room with it, and when your partner arrives then leave romantic love notes for him/her. It will definitely create magic between you two. 

5) Write it down your future date-night ideas: Fill a jar with a bunch of date ideas you want to spend with your partner, it definitely increases the spark between the two.

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