Valentine’s day, one of the days in every couples life which is full of excitement, vivaciousness every couple tries to make the day more beautiful with their pre-planned gesture. They prepare all the gifts, presents which mesmerizes their loved one. Valentine’s day is also known as Saint Valentine’s day. This is the day where you celebrate joy, happiness and lots of expectations from your loved ones. This day is the last day of the valentines week starts from 7th of February to 14th of February.


This year it started from the day off Wednesday and ended with the same valentine’s week comprises of rose day, propose day, chocolate day, teddy day, promise day, Hug day, kiss day and valentine’s day. valentine’s day is the perfect day to express your love, sincerity to your partner, if you are not able to articulate then express it by sending Facebook posts Whatsapp text, SMSes, quotes, to makes the day cheerful for your loved ones. Every couple or lover tries to make the day completely unique for their loved ones by buying the cutest gifts on this day to showcase their love and honesty.


Many couples are planning to spend the quality time with their loved ones at home with utmost simplicity.This day is bound to make the relationships more strong and complacent, it is not only about the word of mouth but the soul-soothing promises to make the relationship last long, each day of valentines week carries its own importance new things are done on each day to make the relationship more spiritual and pious.



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