Durex India never fails to impresses with its pinpoint promotion techniques and quirky advertisement campaigns which put out a strong message across. The condom manufacturing company has time and again taken the social media by storm with their amazing promotional stunts. Earlier today, Durex tweeted out a rather serious stat depicting the sad state of contraceptive awareness among Indians. The condom brand in a tweet asked the users to tell why 95% of Indians were not using condoms. Soon after the tweet, the Indian internet went all guns blazing as men came up with interesting responses to the tweet.

Indian men took Twitter by storm, putting up their view regarding the minimal use of condoms and soon #HateCondoms started trending. The stat by Durex that 95% of the country’s population is, however, not a hoax and is true as per the data of the National Family Health Survey. Indian men refrain from using protection during sexual intercourse and on Monday they listed out their reasons for not doing so. “What’s happening India? 95% of Indians don’t use condoms! We’d love to know why?,” said the tweet from Durex which spread like wildfire on Indian twitter. Here we list out a few responses from the audience which will leave you in splits.

From being single to being shy and conscious, Indian men had their reasons for not being able to use condoms. While some said that in a country like India, it is difficult for them to go to a medical store and ask for a condom, others said Indians like to ride freely. “Indians are way conscious with condoms and helmets. They love to ride freely,” wrote one user. Some users also criticised condom brands for awkward ads and demanded that the ads should rather be informative.

“Because your condom ads are so awkward to watch when they should be educational. Condom companies really need to rethink their ads. It is themselves they are hurting,” said a Twitter user.

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