The festival of colours that celebrates happiness and joy is here. Holi is here! With great enthusiasm and fervour, people across the country have a gala time today. The festival that brings the happiness in forms of vibrant and bright colours and throws all the negativity away has coloured the town red, blue, pink, yellow and what not?

From smearing colours over our loved ones to having mouth-watering delicacies, the festival brings out the best in us. Forgetting all the tension, sorrow, pain, differences, fights, people hug each other and wish a happy Holi.

While we all love playing with the bright colours and smearing it onto the faces of our family, friends and loved once, we all want to avoid the bad effects of those colours. Some artificial colours not only can be allergic to your skin but can also stick to it and take the solid form. The people who have acne-prone skin or have highly senstive texture should avoid playing with these colours or if they play, they should immediately wash it off.
Well, the joy shouldn’t be hindered because of these issues and so, we have a good news for you! If you have been smeared by your friend with a dark rigid colour and it is not coming off, we have some easy and effective ideas to implement. Take a look!

1. Firstly, before starting the Holi celebrations, you should apply oil or vaseline all over your body and more on the parts that will be exposed. The oil will not let the colour go deeper into the skin and will help in washing it off easily.

2. If you have been rugged by a hard colour and it is denying to budge off, be gentle on it. The rough scrubbing and scratching won;t work but only leave you with a damaged skin.

3. After taking a normal bath, apply some oil and rub it nicely. You will get rid of the colour easily as the oil slips the colours and it will also nourish your skin.

4. Don’t use hot water thinking that it will help. Hot water will help colour in solidifying.

5. You can easily soak amchur powder and apply it and wash it off immediately. Over-doing of it should be strictly avoided as it can lead to allergies.

6. For people who have a sensitive skin, can use the Multani Mitti with added honey. It will let you smoothly get rid off the dirt and colour.

7. The easiest way is to apply glycerine and rose water on face and softly rinse it with lukewarm water.

8. One of the safest ways is it to simply use Aloevera and lemon mixture. Note that lemon could hurt if your skin is cut or has any injury.

9. Curd or egg yolk might help in removing colour from your hair and scalp but you will have to be patient and leave it for 30-45 minutes.

10. A home-made mixture of lemon, rose water, gram flour, curd and Vitamin E oil will give you immediate relief.

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