One of the most happy and joyous festivals, Holi has knocked doors and everyone is busy enjoying. With the beautiful colours, new clothes and delecious delicacies, it become of the most loved Hindu festivals. Holi is not only meant to be enjoyed but also understand that good always wins over the evil, First people initiate the celebrations with Holika where they burn it into flames and enjoy the big victory.

From Smearing colours on each other to stumping over the delicious and tempting sweets, people take the full pleasure of this festival. With the warmth of close one, family and friends, everyone forgets the bad and remembers only the good. Forgetting every sorrow, differences, anger and sourness, people hug each other and wish Happy Holi.

One of the most attractive aspects of this festivity is the delicious snacks and food items prepared. The essential ingredient of happiness, good food plays a major role in celebration of Holi. From the must-have bhaang to the dry fruits, people love to have these tasteful dishes.

Here are the must-have delicacies on the auspicious occasion of Holi!

1. Thandaai

When you get tired of all that smearing, this will give you relief!And that too with added flavour of cardamom, saffron and beautiful rose petals?

2. Different kinds of Pakore!

The crisp of Pakores will lighten up your mood and make your Holi a little spicy! From Patato to onion and even Chillies, add whatever you want!

3. Ladoos

Who can forget the perfect sweet dish with a soft essence. Perfect mixture of sweetness and dry fruits, ladoo will make you sweeter this Holi!

4. Jalebi

How can an Indian festival feel complete without these mouth-watering jalebis? The freshly cooked mixture of crispy and smooth sugar syrup will melt your heart!


5. Gujiyas

Well, the name that pops out right after Holi is Gujjiyas. With the tender and tasty filling of grated coconut and sugar, you will feel a little more Holi, this Holi!

If these delicacies dont take you to the seventh heaven, what will? With the colours of joy and madness, enjoy these asbolutely mouth-watering dishes. Happy Holi!

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