This Valentines week is going to end and the 7th day of the Valentines week is the kiss day. On a kiss, People kiss their boyfriend, girlfriend, lovers, husband, or wife and show the love, intensity and emotions by kissing. Kissing increases the intimacy of your relationship and cherishes the physical bond. If you want to know how to properly kiss your partner in order to make that kiss special than ever before.

Be sure that you use your lips in a romantic way. Kiss is a very passionate affair so gently grab your partner’s lips with your’s and adore them with a soft movement. Lips are there to get and make a revert back, so better use them like that.

Use your hand while kissing your partner, touch them, grab them softly, don’t exert much pressure while grabbing as it can ruin your moment. You can lock your partner’s hand in your hands, can use your hand to gently feel each bit of your partner’s body.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that just don’t ask for kissing your partner, It is a romantic phenomenon, let it happen in the heat of the moment.

These are the basic steps you should take care of in order to make it a memorable one to make your partner blush too.

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