With the aim of advancing further on the path of holistic development, Oshikka Lumb herself an entrepreneur, speaker and an Author. She started her extraordinary journey from Jesus and Mary College, from where she pursued her graduate degree and then moved on to the prestigious Lady Shree Ram college for Masters. Today she is an entrepreneur running successful businesses like Markitiers, Events Mosaic and Vizz Plus, the author of two books, “And she decided not to give up” and “USA Hegemony in the world system”, a speaker at various universities, events and workshops and have also written various research papers. By heart, she will always be a scholar.

Oshikka as an Entrepreneur:

Apart from her writing skills, she has a great mind for business which led her to the another Piller of becoming an Entrepreneur of three organizations.

1. Vizz+ is an ERP system, the goal is to provide end to end solution for any educational institution to provide one stop shop educational hub which will automate every single need of an educational institution. It is a fully SAAS based application.
2. Events Mosaic is a One Stop solution to all Event associated Problems. It aims to accommodate all the essential elements involved in organizing an event, ranging from finding speakers, arranging for a suitable Event planner, security arrangements etc.
3. Established in 2016, Markitiers is an award winning 360 degree marketing and branding company that builds brands with a meaning and products with a solution. They turn businesses into brands. They have helped more than 100 satisfied clients by providing a cost effective and appropriate strategy.

‘I follow my gut more than anything’: Oshikka Lumb

Inspired by one of the most popular tech personality – Steve Jobs, who followed his ‘gut’ more than anything, Oshikka believes in following and chasing dreams. She reflects on his popular quote – “Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary. In past years, Oshikka received the ‘Young Entrepreneur’ Award by the Entrepreneurship Cell of LSR. In context of her achievements, she said, “I am glad to see my efforts bearing good results. I would like to encourage all the aspiring young entrepreneurs to trust themselves, discover their ideas and explore their being.”

Oshikka as an Author:

As Oshika never decided to give up, she took another challenge of becoming an Author with a title similar to her nature for which she was awarded under the ‘youngest Author Award” category by Delhi University.
“And she decided to give up” is a story of a girl fighting against all odds. Her story transports readers to a place where they feel and empathise with the protagonist. This is Oshikka’s debut book and she was awarded the “Youngest Author” Award by Delhi University in 2018.

Her another book “USA Hegemony in the world system” is a subject course book for Delhi University Students. It emphasises on USA’s domination of the world system. It covers a wide range of International Relation topics.

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