Independence Day 2019: Finally the day has come, which all Indians were eagerly waiting for the past 1 year and so our forefathers once dreamt of, its the day when India got freedom from British Raj and its the most cherishable day for every Indian, those who live far from the motherland or live in it, we all got bound with the same patriotic feeling which unites us that is ‘We Are All Indians’ and currently we Indians are giving a roller coaster ride to the world in every possible way from Google to PepsiCo, from Microsoft to Nokia we have a good command over every sector, this is what ‘Indians’ are. 

Interestingly, today on 15 august 2019 we are celebrating our 73rd Independence day and our happiness has been doubled up with one more occasion which is Raksha Bandhan. So apart from giving roller coaster rides to the world, we have one more talent that is to ‘Food’, as we all know we Indians are a big-time foodie, and for every occasion we celebrate our happiness with food as it plays the crucial part in our culture from Jammu to Kerala and from Punjab to Assam we have thousands of delicacies which anyone could ever imagine, our food reflects our culture, its like our soul, so we try our best  to serve it and make it right. 

So here we come up with delicious Tricolor recipes, which brighten up your day

Dim Sum Recipe


1) Chicken Mince 250 gms/paneer or finely chopped vegetables
2 Ginger 10 gms
3)Garlic 10 gms (Only for garlic lovers)
4)Black pepper
5) Finely chopped Onion 20 gms
6) Finely chopped Mushroom 10 gms
7) Sesame oil 20 ml
8) Refined Flour 100 gms
9) Water As per req
10) Salt As per taste


First make the stuffing, so that while preparing for the dough the stuffing will cool down and it will be easy to fill it up in every dough.

1) Take Chicken mince in a mixing bowl.
2) Add finely chopped onions, garlic, ginger, mushrooms, 1 tablespoon of sesame oil, black pepper as per taste and mix well
4) Put one table refined oil in the pan and add all the mixture into the pan and cook till the chicken gets cooked well

For Dough

1) Take refined flour in a mixing bowl add sesame oil bowl followed by salt and water.
2) Knead the mixture well and keep it aside for 20 minutes so that it gets softer
3) After 20 minutes Knead the dough again for one more time so that no lump is formed


1) Take a small ball size dough and roll it up till it gets flat in round shape
2) stuff the cooked mixture in the flat dough and close the edges by tight pressing it.

Repeat the process as much as you want to eat then put in the steamer for 15/20 minutes so that it gets cooked

Serve it with red and green chutney with thinly sliced onion.


Tricolour Pasta Recipe


1) Whole wheat tricolour pasta (Penne) 2 cups
2) Tomato 4 small size tomatoes
3) Potato 1 small size (cut it in small cube size)
4) Capsicum 1 small size (cut it in small cube size)
5) Shredded carrot (just to add colour to the dish)
6) Onions 1 big size onions finely chopped
7) Garlic 3 cloves finely chopped
8) Basil
9) Oregano, Black pepper
10) Cheddar and mozzarella cheese


Boil the pasta in a big pot and add 1 big tablespoon of salt into the big pot to make pasta little bit flavourful, strain it when it cooks


1) Boil the tomatoes and peel it after it cooks
2) Make a puree of it and keep it aside for a while
3) Take a pan with a thick bottom
4) Add oil/olive oil to it
5) Add chopped garlic and onions to it and saute for a while
6) After that add all the chopped vegetables and stir until its cooked
7) Then add the tomato puree with basil, oregano, salt pepper, red chilli flakes
8) Cook it till the sauces get reduced


Take a big bowl to add cook pasta and add the sauce on the top of it and mix well by adding cheddar cheese and mozzarella and bake it for 10 to minutes on high temperature so that cheese must melt.

Its a perfect comfort dish for today

Shrikhand Recipe


1) Hung curd (curd without water), hung it in a muslin cloth overnight to get creamy curd
2) Mango pulp
3) Pista powder
4) Sugar

1) Divide the hung curd into 3 parts so that we can add flavours to it

1) Take a big mixing bowl to add hung curd, sugar, mango pulp with a little bit of orange food colour and whisk it well.
2) Take another mixing bowl to add hung curd, Pista powder, a little bit of green food colour and sugar.
3) In the other bowl take hung curd, sugar mix well


Take Vodka Shot glasses Put one spoon pistachio hung curd, then layer a white hung curd and then add another spoon of mango hung curd

To decorate it add chopped strawberries, or grated chocolate, or decorate with silver or gold foil.



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