Ishwar Choudhary is a nationwide recognized social activist who is known to work for the upliftment of the disadvantaged sections of society. In today’s date, he independently extends help, donation and charity in the fields of child education, child welfare and support, underemployment, unemployment and nutrition and health.

This story is dedicated to remembering Ishwar Choudhary’s social work in the year 2001 and how he has continued to maintain that spirit of selfless service and kindness for all these years.

During the Gujarat earthquake of 2001, Ishwar Choudhary made a significant contribution in the relief work that was carried on for the hundreds and thousands of victims of the calamity. Ishwar sent numerous relief kits from the city of Barmer to the affected areas of Gujarat. The relief kits consisted of packaged food items and first aid boxes accompanied by a large container of water for the purposes of drinking and sanitation. Ishwar Choudhary also extended free transportation services and made them available to the Government.

All of the social work and service extended by Ishwar Choudhary was under Operation Yuva Sehyog led by the Nehru Yuva Kendra Sangathan.

In today’s date, Ishwar Choudhary continues to work for people affected by natural calamities. During the Coronavirus pandemic and lockdown, Ishwar extended selfless help and service to numerous rural households and families which were short on food, water and other basic amenities. He sent them a regular supply of vegetables, spices, milk, grains and water. He also undertook various awareness programmes to make the rural people understand the steps they need to take in order to protect themselves from the virus.

It is abundantly clear that Ishwar’s spirit to serve has only become stronger over these years. Through his change making initiatives and social services, Ishwar Choudhary has become one of the most impactful social activists in the country.