“While they may not understand the meaning of mental Well being or mental health, they do actually go through their own fears and anxieties, especially aggravated by the current situation, which makes it important for parents to help them deal with it in a healthy way,” says Saru Mukherjee Sharma, a celebrated Indian mom blogger who was recently awarded the “Best Mom Blogger” by B&B Magazine.

Saru started her journey in 2017 when her son Rudraksh aka Rudi was just 6 months old and has never looked back since then. A Mompreneur, she started her blog which deals with motherhood, parenting, being a woman and a mom in the 21st century.
Each blog resonates with individuality and embracing each life role without compromising on the other.

Saru Mukherjee Sharma – Mom Blogger

She believes that parenting doesn’t stop at providing material comforts to your child but also includes management of their feelings. A healthy childhood will reflect in their behaviors, perception and personal relationships at later stages as well. A child brought up in a household where they know that the adults around them indulge in self-care and inner calm will automatically Internalize these habits to become a priority. They grow up to be more confident and emotionally mature and receptive which is actually a need of the hour.

Saru with Son Rudraksh aka Rudi

Over the last few years, Saru has worked as an Influencer with some of the country’s leading brands. She has been featured as a Top Mom Blogger on reputed portals such as Popxo, Miss Malini, Baby Chakra, World of Moms, Medium, among others. She was awarded by Social Samosa as ‘Super Woman 2019’ and recognized as the ‘Best Mom Blogger’ by B&B Magazine. Saru is a testament for shattering the glass ceiling one day at a time.

“If we tell them right from the beginning that their fears and anxieties will be managed the same way we manage a physical ailment, they will automatically start treating their well-being as a priority too”, adds Saru.

Although she hails from a small town in Ludhiana, her dreams and aspirations were always big. What initially began as an experiment soon became a raving success and a stepping stone for many mothers to follow. Her first blog became an overnight hit with more than 40,000 views on its first day of being published and she continues to inspire many moms like her with her natural charisma, quirk, and wit.

To know more about her, visit https://www.instagram.com/diapers_and_lipsticks