Krishna Janmashtami the festival which is celebrated for the auspicious occasion on the birth of Lord Krishna, this year Janmashtami is on August 24. On this day people fast for lord Krishna and opens their fast on midnight. Lord Krishna’s tales are heard by everyone, he was a naughty kid and was fond of eating butter, there are many pictures of Lord Krishna dipping his hand into the pot of butter. This festival as the other festivals comes up with some rituals and here are the rituals to eat some sweet dishes and what you can have this Janmashtami for yourself.

1. Rabri
It is the easiest recipe that you can have, you need milk, sugar, cream and some bread for it, you need to take the soft part of bread and grind that part to make bread crumbs after that pour milk in a kadhai and boil it, add cream to it and when it gets thickened add sugar and bread crumbs to it and serve it hot or chilled as you like it.

2. Charnamrit
This is the recipe that is in the ritual of the festival, it is served as the prasad. The process of making Charnamrit is very simple you need milk, yogurt, honey, and sugar and mix them well with a spoon of ghee and put it in the refrigerator for 30 minutes and your Charnamrit is ready.

3.Sooji Ka Halwa
This recipe is ready to make recipe, you need sooji, milk, and some ghee, all you need to do is put some sooji in the pan and roast it till its golden or a little brownish and after that add milk to it and stir it well and add sugar to it and keep cooking it for few minutes and you are ready with it.

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