Happy Janmashtmi! Shree Krishna Janmashtmi is a festival of joy and everyone rejoices on this day. In India, every person has their own kind of celebration which varies from place to place. India is a county filled with customs, traditions, and rituals and these things and values connect every Indian and together we build a Nation. 

Different type of food is a very crucial part of the celebration in our country. Our culture is very much associated with food as every God is worshipped through Bhog which is generally some sweet delicacy. On the day of Janmashtmi, some people show their devotion by keeping fast for Lord Krishna as it is the day of his birth and the fast is over when the Ashtami Tithi is over that is next day of Janmashtmi.

Here are some recipes that you can try at home for your Kanha’s bhog.

Panchmewa Pag:

This the sweet dish made from 5 types of assorted dry fruits and it is considered very important for Janmashtmi as it is preferable for Lord Krishna’s Bhog. It is made in desi ghee which adds a lot of flavor in it and it is a sweet dish it is perfect to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Aata Panjeeri:

This is another sweet delicacy made on this day and it is healthy and sweet so everyone can consume it without taking tension of health. 

Vrat Thali:

This thali contains a lot of things and you can customize it by adding your favorite dishes in it. This will give you many options to eat on the day of your fast.


This the crunchy snack that can be consumed with tea. As tea is the most commonly used beverage of India chakli is a good option to try at home this Jnamshtmi.

Coconut Laddoo:

This is a perfect sweet dish for Janmashtmi as it is easy to make and convenient to eat. It can also be consumed at the time of fasting.


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