Celebrity costume designing is something which is must as styling can enhance the looks and can let the person have charismatic looks. There are ample challenging things about the professionals that deal with styling but nobody else knows about it rather they all know how glam celebrity styling is.

During his early years this stylists’ friends used to ask him to style them but later on his passion and interest in this line turned him to be Celebrity Costume Designer and he is Talwinder Singh.

Talwinder Singh is a Bollywood Celebrity costume designer who deals with a number of celebrities every day says, It’s not only letting the celebs wear your designed attires rather it takes blood, sweat, and tears, and also a lot of hard work. Apart from this, it’s quite a high-pressure job.

Talwinder further added It’s about the connections you make with celebrities whether in the Pollywood Industry or be it Bollywood, so it’s a great deal of human expertise required. We don’t have any fixed working hours; sometimes designers work for quite a long time without even having a week off.  You can possibly do this job if you love doing it as it requires a lot of creativity and patience. Not every Celebrity will have the same taste as Singh Added. Nobody really sees all the work that goes behind the scenes before they see the red-carpet look.

Recently my experience working with Singga for his Movie Jora The second Chapter was amazing. He is a very open-minded person and even a down to earth person. Not only once I worked with him but also worked with him earlier for his first Live Show. Styling him gives me a boost in my confidence and when you have that in you then you work with more love and passion. Lately, Singga carries my ideas off effortlessly, and with aplomb. He is versatile, and sky’s the limit in the kinds of moods I can express with his personality. He is soon going to register his brand Trend Setter with a motive to provide the glam look to everybody out there.