Karva Chauth 2019: This year one of the major Hindu festival Karva Chauth is falling on October 17, 2019. Karva Chauth is primarily celebrated among the people of the Hindu community. In this festival, women keep fast for their husbands and pray for the long life of their husbands. Women keep fast for the whole day that they stay without having food or water for the whole day and at ni9ght when the moon appears in the sky they worship the moon and break their fast.

On this day Goddess Parvati and God Ganesha are worshipped and different stories related to Karva Chauth are heard, these stories basically tell the importance of Karva Chauth great and the good fortune it brings in the life of people of performing this fast with respect.

Karva Chauth 2019: When is Karva Chauth?

Karva Chauth is generally celebrated nine days before Diwali. This year, Karva Chauth is falling on October 17, 2019, according to the English calendar, considering the Hindu panchang this festival falls in the month of Kartik.

Karva Chauth 2019: Shubh Muhurat

Karva Chauth date: 17 October 2019

Chaturthi date Start: 17 October 2019 (Thursday) from 06:00 am to 48 minutes

Chaturthi date ends: 18 October 2019 at 07:00

Karwa Chauth fasting time up to 29 minutes: On October 17, 2019, from 06:27 AM to 08:16 PM.
Total duration: 13 hours 50 minutes

Auspicious time of worship: 17 October 2019 evening 05 05 46 minutes to 07 07 02 minutes.

Total duration: 1 hour 16 minutes.

Karva Chauth 2019: Puja Samagri

On this day to perform all the rituals certain worship materials(samagri) are required, and they are:

A mud pot with a lid on it: This is required to fill in the water that will be used to worship the Moon.

Ganga Jal: In every sacred work gangajal is very important as it makes everything pure and pious.

Further products required: Yellow clay to make Gauri, wood posture, sieve, Athavari of eight puris, halwa, Dakshina money, lamp, cotton, incense sticks, sandalwood, kumkum, roli, akshat, flowers, raw milk, curd, desi ghee, honey, sugar, turmeric, rice , Sweet clay, sugar sugar, mehndi, Mahavir, vermilion, ornaments to offer the idol of Goddess Parvati.

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