Karwa Chauth is being celebrated today and the North Indian households are all geared up for the festivities. In India festivals are a regular affair, round the year we celebrate several auspicious occasions and each one of them have their own significance. However, one thing remains common in all these festivals, sweets. Yes our festivals are incomplete without savoury kheer, ladoos and other traditional sweets. From treating the visitors at home, to the kids and own selves, eating and sharing sweets is a way to express our love towards our nearest and dearest.

Karwa Chauth is the festival of love and togetherness which is celebrated in large part of Northern India where the married women observe a day long fast to pray for the well being and longevity of their husbands. It is one of the major festivals for the Indian women who keep away from food and water from the time sun rises till the awakening of moon. The fast observed on Karwa Chauth is considered to be one of the toughest ones as the whole day has to be passed without a single drop of water.  It is important to start the day on a healthy and filling note so the fast can be easily executed. We bring you simple methods for making delicious Karwa Chauth recipes that will please your taste buds. Read on! 

Besan ke ladoo

Ingredients of Besan Ke Ladoo (Laddu)

2 cups gram flour

1/2 cup ghee

3/4 cup powdered sugar

1/4 tsp powdered green cardamom

Few almonds-blanched, slivered, to garnish

Few pistachios-blanched

Method to make Besan Ke Ladoo (Laddu)

1) Dry roast besan (Gram flour) in a pan

2) After the besan is roasted well add melted ghee in the pan

3) Cook until you can smell the ghee and the mixture looks perfectly pasty

4) Remove the pan from heat and stir the mixture while adding powdered sugar into it.

5) Add powdered cardamom and almonds into the mixture and let it cool

6) Make round shaped balls of the mixture as per your preferred size and garnish the ladoos with more pistachios.

Apple Kheer

Apple Kheer ingredients:

Servings – 4

Ghee- 1 tablespoon

Milk (full cream) – 1 litre/5 cups

Condensed Milk – 2-3 tablespoons

Apple – 400 grams (2 apples of medium size)

Sugar – 75 grams (1/3 cup)

Cashew nut – 12-14

Raisin – 20-25

Pistachio – 7-8

Elaichi(cardamom) – 4-5

Method to make Apple Kheer

1) Heat ghee in a pan add grated apple in it and cook it for a few minutes.

2) Cook until the apple is all dry and turn off the heat after it.

3) In another pan boil milk, keep boiling until 1/3 of it is reduced, add condensed milk into the pan and mix well. Let it cook till the desired consistency is achieved.

4) Add dry fruits into the pan and cook for a couple of more minutes.

5) Let the mixture cool, once it cools down to normal temperature add the cooked apple bits in it, mix well and keep it in the refrigerator. Serve chilled.

Rice Kheer

Ingredients of Rice Kheer

Servings – 4

5 cups full cream milk

1/4 cup rice – washed

1/2 cup sugar

10-12 raisins

4 green cardamoms

10-12 almonds – blanched, shredded

Method to make Rice Kheer:

1) Wash the rice properly and boil it with milk in a pan.

2) Keep the flame low and keep stirring it occasionally until the milk consistency is thick

3) You can add condensed milk too; once the milk is thick add sugar and dry fruits with cardmoms.

4) Let it cool and serve chilled