Karwa Chauth is a festival celebrated by the Hindu women for the longevity and safety of their husbands. On Karwa Chauth, women fast from sunrise to moonrise. The festival, Karwa Chauth, falls on the 4th day after the full moon in the Hindu lunisolar month of Kartik, which usually corresponds to September or October in the Gregorian calendar. It is considered as one of a tough fast in the Hindu religion as women are not allowed to even drink water. Karwa Chauth, a fast which is mostly celebrated by married women, but unmarried women also keep the fast.

A lot has been said that who can keep the fast and who cannot, but the fact is anyone can keep the fast by following the process. However, if someone is keeping the Karwa Chauth fast, the person has to get up early in the morning, consume sargi, as after the sunrises, the person fasting cannot consume water till moonrises.

Nowadays, unmarried girls fasting in Karwa Chauth, is also pretty common, these days unmarried girls also keep Karwa Chauth for their boyfriends and fiancés. At many places, unmarried girls keeping Karwa Chauth fast are also very significant. Many girls keep fast to get their desired husband. Even though there is no specific process for unmarried girls keeping Karwa Chauth fast, but they can follow their elders in their family and can perform the rituals.

Karwa Chauth falls 9 days before Diwali. It falls around the 4th day’s the Kartik month through the Hindu calendar (4th day’s the waning moon or even the dark week). Here are the easy steps to keep in mind while following Karwa Chauth fast

a) Women have wake up early in the morning, consume the sargi gifted by the mother-in-law.

b) Women cannot eat or drink anything after the sunrise till the moon rise.

c) In the evening women perform puja.

d) After the puja, women wait for the moon to rise, which they look at through a sieve while offering their prayers.

e) According to the religious text, the moon on this day is said to be representative of Lord Shiva or Lord Ganesha.