Karwa Chauth is being celebrated by Hindu married women across the nation today. The festival comes in Hindu calendar’s month of Kartik. Married women observe a fast without food and water on this occasion until the moon comes out in the night. They also pray for longevity and safety of their husbands on this day. The festival is quiet popular in northern India, especially in the states of Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Himachal Pradesh, Haryana and Punjab.

Since women cannot eat during the day, they have to wake up early before sunrise in the morning at around 4 am and eat food that helps them to go throughout the day without both food and water. This food is called ‘sargi’ and includes mithai, matthri, dry fruits, coconut along with gifts like jewellery, sarees and other things. Traditionally, women receive ‘sargi’ from their mother-in-law who bless their daughter-in-laws on this special day.

It is very important to observe care while eating ‘sargi’ so that you do not feel low on energy during you Karwa Chauth fast. Here are few things to keep in mind while observing the fast and taking ‘sargi’:

Eat balanced amount of sugar: Do not consume too much sugar, or you will feel hungry during the day.

Eat cheese: You can eat cheese in the morning as it contains protein and will make you feel full.

Consume warm water: Consume proper amount of warm water so that you do not feel dehydrated.

Eat dry fruits in the morning: Consuming dry fruits will help your energy levels throughout the day.

Eat fruits: Have fresh fruits in the morning to prepare yourself for the day.

Do not eat oily food: Refrain from having oily  and spicy food in sargi, or you will feel dizzy during the day.

Do not tire yourself: Do not participate in activities that might tire you out as you will have a long day ahead. 

So stuff yourself with the right food, ladies and have a happy Karwa Chauth ahead!