Karwa Chauth is an significant festival for the Hindu women as they fast for long and prosperous life of their husband on this day. Karwa Chauth is usually observed on the fourth day of Krishna Paksha in the month of Kartik. On the occasion of this gullible festival, the wives or the newlyweds do the 16 shringar and wear traditional clothes to impress their husbands. Few of the important Shringars that are usually gifted by husbands include saree, mehndi, jewellery, earrings and bangles.

It is said that Mehndi or henna bring good luck for the married life of the husband and wife, without applying it the rituals are considered incomplete. As per the old stories, these rituals have to be taken very seriously by the Indian women, especially the ones who are fasting. For this they start prepping up in advance.

Putting henna on hands or palms is considered auspicious on this day. It is believed that the darker the colour of mehndi comes on your hand, the more love you will get from your husband and in-laws. Usually, the parlours that women go to for the best of designs forget to tell them about tips to darken their mehndis.

This Karwa chauth, follow these tips and hacks to make you mehndi darker and long-lasting. Some of these tricks would even help ypu to reduce the smell as many people tend to dislike it.

1. Apply sugar and lemon juice on your palms after applying the mehndi. The mixture should be repeatedly applied as soon as the mehndi dries.

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2. If you want to get a darker colour and long lasting mehndi, don’t ever wash it right away. Even when you want to remove it from your hands, the trick is to just rub both of your palms together and let it fall off or you can also use knife.

3. Take clove steams. When Mehndi starts to dry up, take 10-15 cloves on a saucepan and boil it. After that, steam your palms with it, it will surely give you good results.

4. Use Vicks to make it darker. It is said that Vicks has an ingredient that helps that mehndi get pigmented even more. You can apply vicks on your mehndi and keep it over-night or till the time you remove it. For even better results, you can wear a socks or gloves after applying vicks as it will give warmth to mehndi making it darker.

5. Avoid waxing and scrubbing and beauty treatments after applying mehndi. For obvious reasons this point should always be kept in mind that waxing or scrubbing will pull out the pigments and reduce the colour of henna.

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