Law is governing the world today. Ever wondered if your skincare can be followed by law. Says yes, SKINLAW, a brand that will punish the skin concerns that will keep you away from skin criminals. Founded by brown entrepreneur Santhoshi reddy, who hailed from South Asia is all set to make her mark in the industry.

Santhoshi started a creative head at twenty beauty. After leading a makeup brand that involved cosmeceuticals, she decides to expand her passion for beauty by launching her skin line SKINLAW. She reckons to educate people on skincare. To further expand the interest and knowledge of the beauty audience, she is planning to inform and enlighten about skingredients in her series. Her first series of skin sins are in talks to release on YouTube.

Besides, the brand seems to have a lot of emphasis on the dynamics of skin. It is needless to say we need more extra classes on skincare. According to renowned celebrity dermatologist Dr. Jaishree Sharad, knowing your skin type should be an ideal way to rule out skin concerns. However, due to lack of information, many don’t properly interpret their skin type and end up using non-relevant skin products.

“In my earlier years, I had no adequate information on the ways to determine a certain Skincare type. When someone starts with a new product, they need to know the underlying effects on the skin like purging which often might be interpreted as breakouts. Every single ingredient/activity plays a prominent role in the dynamics of skin. Healing time is neglected in skin culture. Our brand aims to draw out the balance between skingredients and healing with a holistic approach ‘’ said santhoshi reddy, founder of SKINLAW in a previous interview.