As Lohri is just arriving and is ready to knock our doors, let’s get some time to know the deets too. Counted among the most lively festivals, Lohri is celebrated in states of North India like Punjab, Haryana and Himachal Pradesh. Mostly celebrated in Sikh and Hindu communities, the people light a bonfire which is considered holy. It is also said that the festival is an indication of the passing of the winter season.

Very often people tend to think that bonfire is the only attraction of the festival but there are many other things that are exciting about it. The people offer prayers and celebrate the festival with delicious food on that day. Not just this, it is also signified as a good start before the farmers start harvesting crops, they also offer their thanks to the almighty.

As per the Indian calendar denotes, Lohri is lauded on January 13th every year. Right after this Punjabi festival, people celebrate Makar Sankranti, marking the start of the summer season. The people also dance along the sparkling flames with songs and music in the background. Traditionally, they eat some particular food items like popcorn, chikki, jaggery, gajak and sesame seeds.

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