From Early age Shailender Sharma was one of the guy who was always business minded therefore after completing secondary studies he choose business department and he completed his studies in business management from IIMA Management University.

Shailender Sharma is one of the guy who likes to take care of his most. While in a conversation he said he likes to play Golf, Snooker and Badminton with his friends whenever he gets time.

After completing His studies he was chairman at various business entrepreneurship. While in 2016 , he and some of his other friends of Ghaziabad decided and open a new satellite channel named News1India. Later he became the MD of this News Channel. The News1India has his Headquarter at Greater Noida. News1India is growing day by day.

On the other hand Shailender Sharma is one of the well known personality of Brahman Samaj. He has done so many social works for the betterment of Brahman Samaj. For his Social Works for the Brahman Samaj, he was elected as National Vice President of ‘Rashtriya Brahman Mahasangh ‘.
When we asked Shailender about their Future plans, he said , first of all I want to grow this news channel as one of the best news channel in India and at present we are fully focusing on it. Secondly he said , I wants to continue my social service for the people of Brahman Samaj till I alive. He said he wants to do welfare works for every poor people in the country in future.