A clear, glowing face isn’t a pipe dream. All it takes is a little earnestness and finding the routine that works for you. Most women are conscious about their skin. While some try to maintain themselves, others look upto their role models to have that perfect skin. Model Pandora Kaaki who is best known for her mesmerising beauty and perfect body has become a role model for all the girls out there.

Miss Pandora has won millions of hearts on the internet with her content and her Instagram is legit proof where the model amasses more than two million followers.

Pandora, since her teenage has been an ardent follower of skincare routines. Blessed with amazing skin and striking looks, Pandora never fails to maintain her skincare shenanigans. From keep herself hydrated throughout the day to treating her skin with the right products, the young diva aces it all. Her skincare routine involves facemasks, sunscreen, cleanser, toner, moisturizer, serum, and a healthy diet. Pandora tries to keep her skin nourished by drinking the right amount of water and by following a proper diet.

It wasn’t easy for Pandora who is at present one of the successful social media influencers and an inspiration to many young and aspiring models. Mar-Anne Almosa who goes by the Pandora Kaaki has always hooked fans with her enticing social media name. Netizens who are in awe of the social butterfly thought the name is inspired by Pandora’s Box. Little did anybody know that the name is inspired by an old online game named Guitar Hero where one of the characters was named Pandora. This led Pandora Kaaki to adopt the name that has now become her Mascot.