Hussaini Brahmins and Indian connection to Muharram: In Moharram, Shia Muslim community shares the martyrdom of Imam Hussain, son of Hazrat Ali and grandson of Prophet Muhammad. Most of the people don’t know about the battle of Karbala. Here we are going to have an overview on the battle of Karbala.

Battle of Karbala:

The deadly battle of Karbala was fought on the 10th day of Muharram and is also known as Ashura. The battle was fought in 680 CE between Yazid, a tyrant who had seized Muslim caliph and Imam Hussain who was the grandson of the Prophet Muhammad via his daughter and her husband Imam Ali.

Imam Hussain’s army was made up of relatives, friends and family including the women and the young children of the family too. But at Yazid’s side, the army consisted of thousands of soldier. Yazid’s army arrested Imam Hussain and his group and did not provide food and water for three days in the heat of the desert. After that, Yazid’s army killed Hussain and his 6-year old son and took the women of his family as captives. Muslims mourn in honour of the sacrifice of the innocent lives of Imam Hussain and his son.

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Hussaini Brahmins:

Hussaini Brahmins are mostly situated in Punjab and are also famous as Mohiyals or Dutts. They are the perfect examples who fought for Imam Hussain. It is believed that an ancestor named as Rahab travelled to Arab from Punjab and he there developed friendly relations with Imam. In the battle of Karbala, Rahab fought against Yazid from Imam’s side. Not only Rahab, But Most of his sons also joined the battle and were killed. After seeing the level of loyalty and sacrifice of Rahab, Imam awarded them the title of Sultan and told them to go back to India. Due to this close bond between the ancestors of Rahabs and Imam Hussain, the Brahmins of that region got the name of Hussaini Brahmins. The Hussaini Brahmins practised both Hindu and Muslim rituals that’s why they are also known as Half Hindu or Half Muslim.

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