Muharram 2019: Muharram is considered as one of the most important festivals among the community of Muslims. This festival represents the beginning of the Islamic new year. This year the 10th day of Muharram popular as Ashura is falling on September 10, on Tuesday. Muharram is considered as the first sacred month of the Islamic year and has a very huge significance among the Muslim community.

Muharram is basically considered as the day of Mourning among Muslims as on this day of Ashura the grandson of Muslim God Prophet Muhammad, Imam Hussain Ali was martyred in the Battle of Karbala(presently Iraq) by the soldiers of Caliph Yazid in 680 AD. Imam Hussain Ali was known as the third Imam of the Shia community.

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Muharram for Shia and Sunni Muslims:

Both Shia and Sunni around the world celebrate this day of Ashura in a different manner. Shia Muslims does not visit in any joyous and auspicious occasions during the first ten days of the month of the Muharram. Shia Muslims also fast to mourn the death of Imam Hussain and they honor the sacrifices made in the battle of Karbala.

A segment of Shia Muslims participates in processions and self- flagellation. In this process, Shia Muslim flog themselves with sharp knives and blades and the chants ‘Ya Hussain’ loudly.

If we consider Sunni Muslims they celebrate this day through fasting from sunrise to sunset. Sunni Muslims also calls for gathering to remember the sacrifices of Imam Hussain Ali during the battle of Karbala and the all visit mosques to attend special prayers.


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