Muharram is the Islamic month and this marks the beginning of the new year of Islam religion. On 10th day of Muharram, Muslims celebrate mourning in memory of Hazrat Imam Hussain. It is believed that Imam Hussain was martyred on this day, due to which this day is called Roz-e-Ashura. This is considered to be the most important day of Muharram and sorrow day.

Muharram is not a festival of joy but a month of weeds and tears. People of Shia community remember the martyrdom of Hussain and his family by wearing black clothes on the 10th  day of Muharram. Remembering the martyrdom of Hussain, a procession is taken out on the streets and mourning is celebrated. 

On the 9th and 10th of Muharram, Muslims keep fast and prayers are offered in mosques and houses. At the same time, people of the Sunni community keep fast for 10 days in the month of Muharram. It is said that one day of Muharram is worth 30 days daily. To celebrate this festival here are massages, greeting, SMS and images for WhatsApp and Facebook status.

Kat Rahi Hy Zindahi Aulaad E Ali K Saye Me Moot Khud Mamoor Hy Meri Hifazaat K Liye Har Ghari Rehta Hun Main Nad E Ali K Saye Me. Happy Muharram

Once Again 23rd October Is Always Going To Remember As, The Birthday Of A Great Indian Festival Of India “Happy Muharram

Kya Haq Ada Karega Zamana Husain Ka, Ab Tak Zameen Pe Karz Hai Sajda Husain Ka,Jholi Failaa Kar Manglo Mumino, Har Dua Kabul Karega Dai Husain Ka

A Small Person With Small Dreams, Have So, Much Believes In U My Allah. U Are For Me, I Am For U, Their Is No Words, For My Love, Through Which I Can Explain What I Feel For U My Allah

The story behind the Muharram

The story behind the Muharram is that Hazrat Imam Hussein, a son of Hazrat Muhammad, was fighting Yazid in Iraq’s major city of Karbala to defend Islam. Yazid was exploiting Hazrat Imam Hussein and his convoy with the help of his large military force. Yazid was committing so much crime in that area, he had no boundaries. Yazid had kept a watch on the people living there, old, young, children even drinking water. In this war that continues between hunger and thirst, Hazrat Imam Hussain thought it better to sacrifice his life than to give up before Yazid. And this was the day when Hazrat Imam Hussain and the entire convoy were martyred. Therefore, this day is celebrated every year as an Ashura commemorating Imam Hussain and his convoy.

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