Nag Panchami 2020 Date & time: Nag Panchami falls on 25 July this year. On this auspicious day, snakes are worshipped throughout India and even in some parts of Indian subcontinent. Accordingly to the Hindu Calendar, it is celebrated on the fifth day of the lunar month of Shravana (July/August)

The festival is celebrated while paying deed to Nag Devta (Snake God). It is believed that the disciples of Nag Devta receive blessings while worshipping the snake on the neck of Lord Shiva. Many people choose to keep a fast that day to honour the snake deity.

Nag Panchami 2020 Shubh Mahurat Timing:

Panchami starts at : 02:33 pm (24/07/2020)
Panchami ends at : 12:01 am (25/07/2020)
Puja Mahurat : 05:38:42 pm – 08:22:00 pm

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Mantras to chant on Nag Panchami:

How to worship correctly on Nag Panchami :

-Wake up early and take a bath
-Eat enough to help retain the all-day fasting
-Offer flowers, rice, oil, kheel and turmeric to the serpent deity at your home or temple
-Offer milk mixed with ghee and sugar and kheer as well.
-Do aarti to worship Nag Devta
-Make a snake idol with cow dung and put it neat the entrance of your house and offer kheer.
-Try feeding a living snake to please the God
-Listen to Nag Katha with your friends and family.


It is believed that worshipping and praising the Nag Devta helps remove all evil forces from life and brings Goddess Laxmi in the house. People that offer kheer and milk to the snake see no shortage of money in the future. One should fast all day on Nag Panchami to remove Kalsarp Dosh from their Kundli. Ophidiophobia (fear of snakes) can be helped by offering praises to the Nag Devta.

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