The official celebration of the New Year has begun, creating exciting gossips across the world about the eve’s bonanza party. As the New Year arrives at dissimilar times for different countries across the world, here are few facts everyone would love to know before embracing the New Year. The time-zone differences make the New Year celebration a continuing gala for several days. Surprisingly, it is not Australia to welcome the New Year, 2018 as the Pacific island of Tonga becomes the first place to ring in 2018 at 10 am GMT on December 31. As counts proceed, American Samoa becomes the second last to welcome in 2018, with the last position left for few uninhabited US islands like Baker Island and Howland Island.

What makes Samoa the exciting destination for the party people

The amazing verity about Samao is that it is the last place to celebrate the New Year. Samoans are believed to celebrate the eve with fireworks and traditional juggling and dancing. People across the globe travels to Samoa in order to get indulge in the gala fest. However, in 2011, Samoan officials took an initiative to make it the first country of the world to welcome New Year by decided to shift from the eastern side of the International Date Line to the western side.

 Samoans celebrate the eve with fireworks, traditional juggling, and dancing

The amazing verity about Samao is that it is the last place to celebrate the New Year

A quick look to scan through the timing of places to welcome the New Year:

10:00 Tonga and two more
11.00 GMT Auckland, New Zealand
13:00 GMT Sydney, Australia
15:00 Tokyo
16:00 Beijing and Hong Kong
20:00 Dubai
23:00 Paris, Rome and Brussels
00:00 London
05:00 New York
08:00 Los Angeles

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