Noratram Loroli, State President of Dr Ambedkar Student Front Of India aims to help the college students all over India. The reason he started his student body was to create a safe environment for college students where they can share their issues and problems. Noratram makes sure eveey voice is heard and suitable solutions are seeked for every problem.

As someone with such a big responsibility, it is important for Noratram Loroli to maintain a strong social media presence. He is very active on Facebook and connects with a lot of people there. He says, “I want to send my message to people by connecting with them on Facebook. It is a good way to connect with the people around the world.”

Noratram Loroli is a successful YouTuber who was recently awarded with Silver Play Button. He runs a YouTube channel with the name ‘Ambedkarite People’s Voice’ that has almost 6 Lakh Subscribers, Noratram also runs a news channel that makes sure to report every big and small happenings around the nation. His news channel is called ‘Ambedkarite People’s Voice’.

All of his good work and success, Noratram Loroli’s popularity on social media grew in no time. He had a verified account on Twitter and YouTube. Soon, almost all his social media accounts might get verified and it means more and more people will know about him and his significant contribution to make education better for today’s youth.