It is just a matter a few hours when we all will be welcoming the New Year 2018. However, right out everyone’s prime focus is on how to make this New Year Eve fun and enjoyable. At this point in time, when almost 90% of our friends have already booked their New Year’s party package, we understand the hurdles which a non-party-goers face on such occasions. It’s just only a few hours when we all will be indulging into new year’s celebrations with our friends, family members or perhaps with the loved ones (To all those who have a date tonight, Lucky You!).

No party plans for this New Year? Relax guys we got it all covered. Now, we know how people are, not everyone enjoys loud music with drinks and a huge dance floor. Some people just like being alone and enjoy their own company while they enter the New Year 2018. But when you are surrounded by a bunch of party-goers, it literally becomes quite difficult to have your own time. Now, this article is not about the top places in the national capital which are hosting the New Year’ party but how you can have your own New Year celebrations for yourself.

To all those who have been hiding under the bed, here are a few tips for all those who like being while welcoming the New Year 2018:

It’s movie time: Now if you don’t enjoy hanging out with friends, relax! Nothing is wrong with you. Your friends? We can’t comment. If you like watching movies this time of the years is a great time as all the video streaming websites like — Netflix, Amazon Video and Hotstar, have upgraded their video library with some awesome movies which will help you relish your New Year.

Don’t cook: Now, you may not enjoy the festivities but you have to agree that it’s these times that help us in getting lots of discounts and packages. Assuming you already have Food Panda and Swiggy on your phone, have a laid-back new year and order food from online instead of making your kitchen messy.

Grab a drink: You need not be at a pub or with friends if you want to enjoy your drink. Before heading home stop at a liquor store grab your favourite liquor and enjoy the sips of delicious food and amazing movies. Confused on what to have this New Year? Try cold weather favourite and the most loved drink — Old Monk.

Go for a lighting walk: At this time of the year when people decorate their houses with some gorgeous lighting. If you have no plans for the New Year, try a small walk in your area. In case if you didn’t enjoy the walk, you surely lost a few grams of those extra kilos. 

Enter the New Year 2018 with beautiful dreams: The only thing needed after an amazing movie, delicious food and mouth-watery drinks, is sleep. After having so much fun alone getting tired is very obvious. Therefore, get your quilt and have a good night sleep while you enter the New Year 2018.

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