Padmini Ekadashi, an auspicious Hindu fasting day falls on the 11th day of the Shukla Paksha during the Purushottam Masam which is the 13th month of the Hindu calendar. It falls between the months of July-August in the Gregorian calendar.  It is an extra lunar month in Hindu Calendar known as  Adhik Mahina that occurs once in every three years. Padmini Ekadashi, popularly known as Kamala Ekadashi is dedicated to Sri Hari Vishnu. People observe fast, recite prayers and even visit temples.

Rituals during Padmini Ekadashi:

Fast is observed on the Padmini Ekadashi day.
Vrat begins from day 10 known as Dashami and the worshipers must eat saatvik food without onion and garlic.
Lord Vishnu is worshipped with flowers, Tulsi leaves, dhoop and incense sticks.
Devotees make sure they donate Food and clothes to Brahmins.

Puja Vidhi:

Ekadashi Tithi began at 18:18 on May 24 (Thursday) and will end at 17:47 on May 25.

The Parana (time to end the fast) is between  06:01 to 08:37.

People who are willing to attain Moksha must chant the Vishnu Sahasranama. Lord Rama and Lord Krishna are also worshipped. Couples who are planning to have a baby can fast on this day to seek Lord Vishnu’s blessings. 


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